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COLLAB #24 with Dustin Cox

mike ritter


CHUX COLLAB #24 with our good friend DUSTIN COX

Dustin Cox (Born on September 12th, 1991 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota) is a Toronto based graphic designer with a fine arts background.  He is inspired mostly by the 1990’s street art scene that came out of NYC.  He looks up to artists such as Keith Haring, Retna, Aaron Delacruz, and David Salle. Growing up in Sioux Falls Dustin found it challenging to find an arts community.  He then packed his bags to attend college in Minneapolis, MN.  While in Minneapolis Dustin showed his work in various local art shows, and even curated three of his own art shows at his house in Uptown Minneapolis by the name of Home is Where the Art is.  Dustin graduated with a degree in Graphic Design (Print Media) from MCTC in 2015.

One day after college graduation Dustin packed his car and moved to Los Angeles, CA.  He wanted to be surrounded by good weather, and a vivid arts community.  A lot of laborious nights, and hard work brought him to the City of Angels.  While living in California Dustin worked as a graphic designer for Rodeo Realty, painted frequently, and worked on some exciting freelance gigs.  After 2 years living in the L.A sun he again packed his bags and headed to the East Coast; Now he resides comfortably in Toronto, Canada. Dustin works with multimedia, and acrylic; but is also trained on the Adobe Creative Suite.  His work is influenced by travel, typography, daily society,  music, and life.

see more of her work here: DUSTIN COX ART




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COLLAB #23 with Marlena Myles

mike ritter


CHUX COLLAB #23 with Marlena Myles

"Mnísota Wičháŋpi Owáŋžida"

As told by Ringing Shield in 1903:

"One star never moves and it is sacred.  Other stars move in a circle about it, they are dancing in the dance circle." That star is called the North Star in English and Wičháŋpi Owáŋžida, the star that does not move, in Dakota.

Mnísota is the homeland of Dakota people. Wičháŋpi means star. Owaŋžida means "staying permanently in one place" if you accent the second syllable (waŋ). Also Owaŋžida means "together, in unity, as a team, to have something in common" if you accent the first syllable (O) instead of the second syllable (waŋ). To me, it's a play off of the old hockey team but also represents how everyone of all different backgrounds come together in unity to call Minnesota home, just as Dakota people have for centuries.

Marlena Myles

see more of her work here:




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A Minnesota based artist and avid fly fisherman. Jake has a MFA in painting and drawing from the University or Wisconsin-Madison, and an undergraduate degree from Macalester.  His work has been shown all over the U.S. and has been used by outdoor apparel and gear companies like Simms and Patagonia.  Jake is active in conservation and advocacy efforts involving clean water, public lands, and positive community building.

support the outdoors here:


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benjayway is a cross-disciplinary graphic design studio with high standards of form and content. Founded by Ben Johnson in 2011, the studio's purpose is to help brands communicate visually with contemporary, timeless, thoughtful design. Ben is a former student of the Minneapolis College Art & Design and has worked with small, medium and large size agency and design shops across the country with clients such as: The North Face, Lyft, Adidas, Google, Starbucks, Target, Propel, Alfa Romeo, Loews Hotels, The Walker Art Center, Sperry, Blu Dot and many more. When Ben isn't in the studio, he's out taking adventures with his family, listening to Eddie Vedder, eating pizza, trying new beer and running trail marathons.

see more of his work here:


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december 2017 - MJ heubach

mike ritter



"Snowy Days and Starry Nights" by MJ Heubach is our final #chuxcollab of 2017 but it is our first glow in the dark design! Specializing in custom artwork, graphic design, art scanning and archival pigment giclee printing MJ's art can be seen here.  You can also find him working on making other peoples artwork and art collections look great at MPLS FRAME SHOP located in south Minneapolis.

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november 2017 - Old Tom Foolery

mike ritter


CHUX COLLAB #11 with our unsappy, uncrappy friends Old Tom Foolery

Old Tom Foolery is the brainchild of Joel Gryniewski and Lauren Gryniewski—two ad-industry vets who also happen to be married. Back when Joel was wooing Lauren, he had a tough time finding cards that were: a) funny, b) letterpressed (they’re both suckers for a deep impression), and c) not so dainty as to make her question his masculinity. So they set out to make their own witty letterpress cards that would appeal to both sexes. Old Tom Foolery launched its first line of "unsappy, uncrappy" greeting cards, The Footnotes Collection, at the National Stationery Show in 2008. Over the years, OTF has expanded its product lineup to include the Headlines Collection, Classic Collection, and Banner Collection. The company has won six LOUIE Awards (the Oscars of the greeting card industry), including the Rising Star award in 2010, and the Most Humorous award in 2012. Old Tom Foolery is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and is proud to print all its products locally.

NOW AVAILABLE HERE and at both I LIKE YOU locations.

october 2017 - brent schoonover

mike ritter


CHUX COLLAB #10 with one of our all time favorites, Brent Schoonover.

Hailing from the epicenter of culture known as South Beloit, Il, Brent was on a one-way trip to normalcy until the fateful day he laid eyes upon his first comic book. He immediately grabbed hold of a pencil and never let go, dedicating himself to creating scores of characters and scenarios with a zeal that would make lesser men quake in dread. 

Now located in Minnesota, he draws upon a fertile imagination marinated in comics, old cartoons, classic horror movies, pro wrestling and face-melting metal to create distinctive illustrations with a retro feel that run the gamut from comic books to editorial and packaging assignments. So if you have a project that needs a fresh look, give him a call. He has plenty of ink to go around.

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SEPTEMBER 2017 - maggie pemberton

mike ritter


CHUX COLLAB #9 is with our friend and and co-worker, Maggie Pemberton.  Maggie is a visual artist focusing on illustration, textile design and print making. After graduating MCAD in 2016 she was in search of a shop where she could get her hands dirty learning the screen printing process in a more production based setting. Septembers Collab is inspired by Minnesota wildflowers and the beginning of autumn.  Keep an eye out for more work from Maggie in the future but in the mean time please check out some more projects here. enjoy!

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mike ritter

CHUX COLLAB #8 is with Adam Toht. The super talented Director and Artist is the founder of The Saline Project, a Brooklyn based company that focuses on video. The group has directed music videos for Eminem, The Hives and The Cure just to name a few. They also have directed TV commercials for familiar brands like M&M's, Samsung, Nestle and Sketchers. Adam now resides in Minneapolis with his wife and kids. we are extremely excited to collaborate with him on this months t-shirt. Please check out more of his work, you will not be let down! 


mike ritter

CHUX COLLAB #7 is with Corey Sweeter. We met Corey years ago having pints and looking at posters. A short time later we were printing some posters for him and since then he has been designing and illustrating for many local breweries and publications. Corey is an illustrator/ designer, music junkie, beer lover, former business professional turned stay-at-home father, family DJ and resident craft beer sommelier, and lover of all things minnesotan. In their spare time the Sweeter's enjoy giving back to the community by volunteering there time with organizations like Dangerous Man Volunteer and Surly Gives a Damn.


mike ritter

CHUX COLLAB #6 is with illustrator DWITT. The humble and hardworking artist is a resident of St. Paul, Minnesota. You have seen his work in comics, on beer cans/bottles on buildings and gig posters. His style and ability have inspired many artist and designers and we are one of them. As fellow screen printers, we respect his analog ways, all of his work is created sans computer. INKS, BRUSHES, WATERCOLORS, GO.

MAY 2017 - steve marinelli - the creative left

mike ritter

CHUX COLLAB #5 is with super talented Steve 'Mario' Marinelli. Steve studied illustration at MCAD. He is currently working full time as a designer in the apparel industry here in the Twin Cities. In his free time you will find him biking around town, enjoying some beers and getting inspired for his next cool freelance gig. Mario is also a salty veteran of ARTCRANK and a terrific soccer official. We have had the pleasure of working with Steve on a couple projects in the past and are looking forward to many more. happy may! enjoy. 

APRIL 2017 - pat peterson

mike ritter

CHUX COLLAB #4 is with our bud Pat Peterson. He is an illustrator, graphic designer and screen printer living and working in Minneapolis, MN.  

CHUX: how long have you been creating illustrations and designing?

PP: I've been drawing ever since I can remember, and love creating art in any way that I can. I've worked with many different clients on a variety of projects, and am constantly challenging myself to approach projects in new and different ways.

CHUX: who are some of your influences?

PP: I feel like my art and style is constantly evolving and ever-changing. I'm influenced greatly by local artists, vintage advertisements and nostalgia and just about everything else. 

CHUX: tell us a little more about yourself.

PP: I'm pretty much a nerd. I'm a huge sports fan, and love cheering on our local teams through the good and bad. (Mostly bad lately.) I'm a huge music and movie fan. I like playing video games when I can, and collect screen printed movie posters.I enjoy spending time with my fiancé Andrea or hanging out with friends at a local restaurant or catching a concert.